Two Incivilities Can Only Lead to a Clash Until Elimination


The author starts from the inversion of the usual paradigm. Every civilization considers itself central, obviously. The logical crossover is presented here in the first paragraph from the verso and recto of a common and available minimal critical awareness. In a second paragraph, the ineliminability of maya in divinis is certified, namely the processes of self-deception and mystification, internal and external. In a third paragraph: The alternative? An axis of study is proposed which makes us aware of an unavoidable choice. So unequivocally and hopefully without the illusion of being able to profit from it (acting without acting). The overall meaning, however, lies in the title:  in the presence of two incivilities, there can only be one clash until elimination. Lucid consciousness does not allow false unanimity.

KEYWORDS: verso, recto, texture, maya, choice, acting without acting.

Number of pages: 11

This publication is currently only available in Italian. 

About Author

Cultural organizer, writer and founder of numerous and qualified magazines in the field of culture and art, he has published monographs on the subjects of literature, philosophy and metaphysics. Designer and decorator of important environments he is also a sculptor of remarkable skills and an eclectic artist with broad views and consolidated prestige.

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