“Sketchbook”: The Birch and the Stone. Languages of the Transcendental in Ecstatic Flight



The forest, dark and mysterious, reveals itself in the myth as an enchanted place, a space for the encounter linked to a fairy tale, a maze of trees, a place where spirits, fairies and goblins roam freely in a world without borders. Here, where time and space do not exist and formal categories are eliminated, everything is movement, cheerful chaos, sarabande. Here, sibilant witches fly to their nocturnal meetings. In this heath unknown to mortals, even plants, beings bound to the earth, are able to move by breaking this bond, taking flight towards fantastic areas.

But we wonder how it could have happened that the branches and brooms could have acquired the capacity of airborne transportation*. Like all living beings, enchanted twigs will also have evolved. But how and when did this happen, and what were the signs of such a revolution?   This is what we will try to discover…

* Cf. and L. Manciocco, A house without doors. Viaggio intorno alla figura della Befana, Rome, Melusina, 1995.

Keywords: cosmic tree – yurt – birch – shaman – ecstatic journey – magic flight – mystical ecstasy – stone – Roccaporena

Number of pages: 9

This publication is available in Italian only.

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