A New Economy: Competitiveness Replaced by Meritocracy, Equal Opportunities, and Solidarity



In today’s societies, the prevailing culture emphasizes the “beneficial” need for competitiveness, understood as the victory of the “best”, which however postulates the prevarication of the less gifted and the disadvantaged in the initial opportunities.

This last circumstance is the widespread rule in a general context where a strong situation of prevalence of capital (wealth) prevails over the economy, politics and society, due to a strong inequality in the distribution of incomes.

But man, being endowed with intelligence, is in a position to dominate the instinctive sphere and his own animal nature, to arrive at an understanding that the common good is a personal good and that the true force of progress is based on meritocratic competitiveness of a solidarity type.

Keywords: Liberalism, competition, opportunity, meritocracy, solidarity, regulatory state.

Number of pages: 7

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First a researcher and then professor of finance and banking in several Italian universities. Manager of various credit institutions and financial companies. He is currently studying and researching between Israel and Europe.

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