Meet the writers at The Global Review.

Philosopher, man of art and culture, attentive critic of modern artistic metaphors, he also taught philosophy. He received a grant from the Swiss government after completing his studies and began his career as a successful journalist. He has managed several periodicals and was president of the Michetti Award. He is the author of many Rai programs and currently works as an art critic.6 Articles

Brilliant criminal lawyer, he exercises a professional charisma of unmistakable effect during hearings. As a scholar of law, he has developed a keen sense and rare analytical skills. Defender of illustrious defendants, he is well known to judicial chronicles.3 Articles

Journalist, real estate entrepreneur and then manager in financial sector companies. Today, he is a consultant in the management of credit companies.3 Articles

Gynecologist of fame and indubitable success with many years of experience. He has done a lot of research in the field of breast, prostate and colon cancer prophylaxis and is fighting against the inconsiderate use of the vaccine.3 Articles

Dr. Simone Di Camillo completed his third year of doctorate in economics at the University of Chieti (IT) and is already the author of three scientific publications in the form of articles on Finance and Banking.3 Articles

Karen is a professional copywriter and marketer with extensive experience working with startups and corporations in various industries, with a focus on copywriting, content marketing, and social media marketing.3 Articles

Web developer and programmer with 20 years of experience working with various technologies in many different industries.3 Articles

President and Vice President of many national and international organizations and Founding Member of the Mediterranean Fisheries Observatory and Chairwoman of the Mediterranean Women's Commission.3 Articles

A professor of economics and energy technology, Prof. Giaccio is one of the leading specialists in this field and the author of numerous publications. He has held a series of important institutional positions at the Italian University. He is currently studying and researching the problem of “climate change.”3 Articles

Dafna is the Founder and CEO at D|Rolls Associates, a boutique Boston-based firm that provides companies around the globe with business development and appointment setting services.3 Articles

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