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Financial Sector Expert, he has worked in some of the leading Swiss banks in the treasury, metals and derivatives sectors. Expert in professional management of savings on a personalized basis and financial fiduciary, in accordance with Swiss law, he has collaborated with the Universities of Bari and Pescara and is currently working as a global financial analyst. He lives and works in Lugano.62 Published

First a researcher and then professor of finance and banking in several Italian universities. Manager of various credit institutions and financial companies. He is currently studying and researching between Israel and Europe.28 Published

a lawyer practicing the legal profession in Rome, he also holds a degree in Political Science and a Masters in Diplomatic Studies. Speaker at some conferences, he is a scholar of Community Law.26 Published

Doctorate from MIT-Massachusetts. Sociologist and professor in several Anglo-Saxon universities. Today, he studies and conducts research on the themes of anthropology in Israel.22 Published

David Yerushalmi is a long-time scholar of anthropology and models for the development of human societies. For this reason he has dedicated an important part of his research to economic science, in the awareness that the availability of resources useful for the survival of the race sets the conditions for the moral, civil and technological progress of Humanity. He currently studies and works in Israel.22 Published

Computer Engineer and Business Woman with extensive experience in various fields within the Israeli and American Hi-Tech industries. Joelle has developed numerous algorithms in the field of medical engineering and has worked for many years in executive positions in business development, marketing, and sales. Today, she collaborates with several humanitarian organizations, and holds the position of Ambassador at the international economic organization OIDE.22 Published

graduated from Harvard University in literature and philosophy of art. Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of New Delhi, he studies and researches the most current themes of literature and modern art, highlighting its content and its links with the inner and outer life of humanity today.18 Published

Cultural organizer, writer and founder of numerous and qualified magazines in the field of culture and art, he has published monographs on the subjects of literature, philosophy and metaphysics. Designer and decorator of important environments he is also a sculptor of remarkable skills and an eclectic artist with broad views and consolidated prestige.16 Published

Expert in economic, administrative and market analysis, she writes about economics, finance and culture for the magazines "China in Italy" and "Travel Retail" and for the online newspaper "Futuro Quotidiano". She published "Let's Talk Frankly" (2015), "Take me everything off but not the holidays. The Russians choose Italy "(2016),"China: Dynamism and Globalization" (2017),"China does not run ... it flies! The Chinese economy and current affairs" (2018) all published by Intermedia Editions.14 Published

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