About The Global Review

The Global Review is an online magazine with exclusive articles from professionals, professors, and doctors that are leaders in their respective fields. Our purpose is to share essential insights with the general public about every sector within the field of Human Sciences, using an accessible language so that everyone from every field and background can easily understand.

The public benefits from being informed about the most debated topics in various fields, as they have the potential to greatly impact all of our lives on earth. They play a part in our objectives for a greater civilization that is based on the right of all individuals to health and well-being, efficient and civil public administrations and criminal justice systems, access to information, distribution of technology, development of arts, the study of humanities, and education systems that cater and validate the talents and strengths of the individual.

At first glance, our objective may appear to be ambiguous and difficult. However, our approach is to make a modest contribution to the distribution of knowledge among the masses, and provide a real stimulus to the awakening of the “conscience” of the peoples, who will be able to take on the role of “protagonists” that are aware of the scenarios of their private and public lives, leading the overall social relations, including between the nations towards the goals of solidarity and cooperation that are, as of today, unthinkable.

The Global Review Team

Executive Team

Vincenzo Centorame, Director
Simone Di Camillo, Director’s Assistant
Alessandro Panicciari, Chief Editor
Karen Hayoun, Chief Editor
Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, Institutional Relations and Special Projects

Editorial Committee

Moreno Pierangeli, Coordinator

Hedi Mohamed Abassi, Public Health
David Aronne, Humanism and Society
Renato Besana, Journalism
Giuliano Biagi, History and Philosophy
Biagio Cacciola, Philosophy and Pedagogy
Carlo Fabrizio Carli, Artistic Criticism
Antonino Cerella, Criminal Justice
Evaldo Crisante, Hygiene and Health
Antonio D’Acchille, Painting and Sculpture
Lucio D’Arcangelo, Literature
Francesco Danesi De Luca, Law and Business
Nicolino De Pasquale, Physics and Mathematics
Antonella Del Signore, Production and Quality of Goods
Manfredo Di Crescenzo, Pianism and Orchestra Conducting
Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, Sustainable Economy
Gino Di Paolo, Artistic Photography
Fabrizio Di Pietro, Commercial Law
Mario Giacco, Technology and Environmental Economics
Sandro Giovannini, Literary Criticism
Achille Granata, The Company
Alessandro Guzzi, Artistic Painting
Karen Hayoun, Online Marketing
Oren Hayoun, Sports and Technology
Italo Inglese, Law and Society
SE Louis Koffi Laoure, Economic Development and Equality Among Peoples
Fiorenzo Lizza, The Sociability of the Company
Pier Luigi Lizza, Human Capital
Nadia Majoul, Diplomacy and relations between peoples
Luigi Manciocco, Artistic Painting
Gaetano Mimola, Law and Society
Mariano Moroni, Sculpture and Design
Marco Patricelli, Contemporary History
Roberto Petrella, Oncology and Prophylaxis
Moreno Pierangeli, Economy and Finance
B. Constantin Savoiu, International Economic Relations
Dan Touitou, Information Technology
Amadou Traore, Environmental Economy